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Nu Flow™ Pipelining

The premiere solution for mechanical pipe repair system rehabilitation.

Nu Flow has the unique ability to fix piping systems using existing access points and it offers the most viable and least disruptive option for pipe repair, pipe renewal and trench-less sewer repair

Perry Plumbing and Pipelining

Steps to Nu Flow™ Pipelining

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Benefits of Nu Flow™ Pipelining

  • Trench-less and no-dig solutions.
  • Less disruptive and faster than traditional pipe repair or replacement.
  • Avoids destruction of buildings, hardscapes and landscapes and associated reconstruction costs.
  • Long-term solution to prevent future problems.
  • Solves the most challenging pipe situations.
Perry Plumbing Pipelining

1. Identify the problem

A camera is used to identify where the clog is.

Perry Plumbing Pipelining

2. Clean the pipes

The first step is to clean out all roots by jetting the lines or using pneumatic tools.

3. Install the liner

Epoxy is poured into a liner that is pulled in place and then inflated to rebuild the pipe’s structure.

4. Inspect

A camera is used to make sure the pipe has been fixed.