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The Leader in Trenchless Pipe Lining in San Diego, CA, and Neighboring Areas

You may want to avoid pipe repair, especially if you have experienced a big mess and lots of digging before. Fortunately, there is a way to achieve the desired results without having to deal with surface disruptions and other inconveniences. This is exactly what you can expect with trenchless pipe lining in San Diego, CA, and neighboring areas, an alternative to traditional excavation methods courtesy of Perry Plumbing and Pipelining.

What Exactly Is Trenchless Pipe Lining?

Also called cured-in-place piping or CIPP pipe lining, this method is a way to fix a pipe without replacing it via dig methods. Instead, a coating is applied to the inside surface. The result is what's essentially a new pipe within the existing one. We offer this method in:

  • and the surrounding areas

What Does The Trenchless Pipe Lining Process Look Like?

Trenchless sewer repair or pipe repair starts with a camera inspection. Our technicians use the results to pinpoint problem areas and determine if pipe lining is the most suitable repair method. After we finish cleaning the pipe, a fiberglass or polyester tube is saturated with a durable epoxy resin material. The tube is inverted so the epoxy comes into contact with the existing pipe's walls. As moisture is drawn out, the coating cures, a process that can be facilitated with heat, steam, or blue light LED.

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When Was the Advent of the Trenchless Pipe Lining Technique?

Epoxy pipe lining was developed in the early 1970s by an agricultural engineer looking to fix an irrigation pipe in a less invasive way. Since then, the pipe lining process has been refined and improved. Today, we can repair many different residential and commercial pipes through the use of trenchless repair methods.

How Do You Benefit from Trenchless Pipe Lining?

One of the top perks of this minimally invasive approach to repair is extending the life of existing pipes and addressing other recurring issues like clogged drains. Our pipe lining company can even restore older cast iron pipes using this method. Other benefits include:

  • Restored flow to the repaired pipe
  • The ability to fill small gaps in the damaged pipe in some instances
  • Fewer instances of clogs and series pipe issues post-repair
  • No major traffic or surface disruptions while the work is done

Why Choose Us Our Team for Trenchless Pipe Lining?

Make Perry Plumbing and Pipelining your top choice for trenchless pipe lining in San Diego, CA, and nearby areas. Once you do, you stand to benefit from our 40-plus years of experience. We help home and business clients in the Greater San Diego area solve a wide range of pipe-related issues, from water discoloration and poor flow to recurring backups and clogs, with minimally disruptive repair solutions.

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Perry Plumbing and Pipelining specializes in minimally disruptive approaches to pipe repair. We'll explain the process that's suitable for your needs so you can determine what's ultimately right for your budget and preferences. Contact us today to find out if you may benefit from:


Steps to Nu Flow™ Pipelining


1. Identify the problem

A camera is used to identify where the clog is.


2. Clean the pipes

The first step is to clean out all roots by jetting the lines or using pneumatic tools.


3. Install the liner

Epoxy is poured into a liner that is pulled in place and then inflated to rebuild the pipe’s structure.


4. Inspect

A camera is used to make sure the pipe has been fixed.

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