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Sewer Camera Inspection in San Diego, CA, and Nearby Areas

Sewer lines often do what they do without being seen. This is fine until there's a need to find out what's going on when a sewer pipe isn't working as intended. Consider a sewer camera inspection in San Diego, CA, and nearby areas. As conducted by a licensed, insured, and experienced technician from Perry Plumbing and Pipelining, you'll get clear answers and highly accurate results. We provide this service to our clients in:

  • and nearby areas

What Is a Sewer Camera Inspection?

A camera inspection is something we do to look inside pipes without the need to do exploratory excavation or other invasive methods. Instead, a high-resolution camera is used to quickly assess the condition of a sewer line in places that would otherwise be difficult to clearly evaluate.

What Does a Sewer Camera Inspection Involve?

A sewer camera inspection is a simple and easy process. It's done by using an existing access point called a cleanout, which is there for routine service purposes. A flexible cable with a lighted camera is slowly and steadily inserted into a sewer line. The real-time images are displayed on a monitor as one of our technicians guides the camera throughout the pipe.


What Can a Sewer Camera Inspection Find?

A camera-based sewer inspection can find tree roots in sewer lines, which is a common source of damage. Sewer camera inspections are also a reliable way to discover any of the following sewer line issues:

  • Accumulated minerals along pipe walls
  • Collapsed or partially collapsed sections
  • Areas where wastewater is gathering where it shouldn't be
  • Bellying and other noticeable structural flaws

What Are the Top Benefits of Sewer Camera Inspections?

One of the top benefits of sewer camera inspections is being able to quickly determine if trenchless pipe replacement or repair may be appropriate. It's a highly versatile technique that can also be a standalone service. It can also be done to determine what approach to drain cleaning is best for sewer lines that are clogged or affected by other issues.

Other Sewer Camera Inspection FAQs

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Steps to Nu Flow™ Pipelining


1. Identify the problem

A camera is used to identify where the clog is.


2. Clean the pipes

The first step is to clean out all roots by jetting the lines or using pneumatic tools.


3. Install the liner

Epoxy is poured into a liner that is pulled in place and then inflated to rebuild the pipe’s structure.


4. Inspect

A camera is used to make sure the pipe has been fixed.

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