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Common Symptoms of a Damaged Sewer Line

The sewage line in a home is a vital but often neglected part of the plumbing system. Being that sewage lines lie underground, it’s understandable why property owners find it challenging to detect a problem. Oftentimes, issues may persist for some time before becoming apparent. And by then, the damage to your sewage system may already be substantial.

As the top name for trenchless pipe lining in Chula Vista, CA, we at Perry Plumbing and Pipelining are quick to offer tangible solutions to sewer line issues. Reach out to us if you notice the following signs.

Sewage Backups

Sewer backups are full-blown plumbing emergencies that stem from sewer line problems. Clogged drains that result from it force water to flow back to the pipes and leave a mess behind. Call a professional plumber immediately to clear the drains and avoid property damage.

Foul Smells

A functional sewer line must be airtight, preventing smells from exiting the pipes. A bad odor could mean that your sewer line is leaking. Mostly, you will notice the odors in the utility rooms or the basements. Your plumber can ask your plumber about an epoxy pipe lining to block the leaks and prevent bad air circulation.

Mold Growth

Water will leak out and touch the surrounding areas when a sewage pipe breaks. Damp areas are prone to mold growth. If you notice a mold on your walls or ceiling, the suspect is most likely a damaged sewer line. If the damage is severe, you can opt to have a trenchless pipe replacement to quickly curb its ill effects.

A damaged sewer line can cause property damage leading to costly repairs. Make it a point to contact a professional plumber as soon as a problem arises for a trenchless sewer repair. Prompt action can save you time and money in the long run.

At Perry Plumbing and Pipelining, we have the needed tools to fix your damaged sewer line. For any plumbing issues, reach out to us today!

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