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Clogs can be a big nuisance and can often lead to various plumbing emergencies. They can cause a lot of damage to your property, so it’s essential to take preventive measures to avoid them from occurring. If you have ever had recurring plumbing problems, there is a good chance that clogs are the root cause of the issue.

The following are foolproof tips to help prevent clogs from your most trusted provider of trenchless pipe lining in Chula Vista, CA:

Know What Not to Flush

When it comes to clogs, one of the biggest mistakes people make is flushing just about anything they can flush down their toilet. This can cause a clog that can lead to complications that may require complex repairs and even a trenchless pipe replacement down the line. Some things are not meant to go down the toilet so it’s best to avoid treating it as a garbage disposal unit.

Don’t Dump Food And Oils Down the Drain

Don’t dump food and oils down the drain. Though it’s easy to do so, it would be best to put them in a container instead. Then dispose of them in the trash or compost bin. You’ll be surprised how much water will be saved this way. In our years of providing pipe rehabilitation services such as epoxy pipe lining, we’ve seen cases where congealed grease caused severe blockages.

Don’t Abuse Garbage Disposals

It may seem like the easiest way to eliminate food waste, but it’s one of the worst ways to do it because it can lead to clogged drains. Disposals are designed for grinding food and eliminating it as quickly as possible. If you have a disposal in your kitchen, make sure you don’t fall prey to the notion that you can chuck just about any waste down there.

With a little effort, you can effectively prevent clogs from developing in your drains. Remember these tips and you’re sure to have free-flowing drains all year long. For all your plumbing needs, turn to Perry Plumbing & Pipelining. We offer reliable plumbing services from trenchless sewer repair to drain cleaning.

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