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Common Plumbing Issues in the Home

Homeowners often face a variety of plumbing issues that require immediate attention. From routine maintenance to unexpected emergencies, the need for a reliable plumber in Chula Vista, CA, is crucial to maintaining a smoothly functioning household. In this guide, we’ll explore some common plumbing issues that residents in California may encounter. Leaking or Bursting Pipes…

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limescale on water heater

Leading Signs of Sediment Buildup In Your Water Heater

Whether you have a traditional tank-based water heater or a modern tankless variant, sediment buildup can be a common issue. Identifying the early warning signs is essential for preventing potential damage and ensuring your water heater’s optimal performance. As a trusted plumber in San Diego, CA, Perry Plumbing & Pipelining can spot the signs of…

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sewer camera inspection San Diego, CA

From Start to Finish: The Step-by-Step Process of Trenchless Pipe Lining

Trenchless pipe lining is a method of restoring or repairing old, damaged pipes without extensive excavation. Although trenchless sewer repair solutions have been around for over 15 years, there are still many who don’t understand how it’s done. In this article, Perry Plumbing and Pipelining explains how we carry out trenchless pipe lining in San…

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water heater Chula Vista, CA

Reasons Why Your Water Heater is Malfunctioning

A water heater can malfunction for a variety of reasons. In this blog, we will discuss common reasons why your water heater isn’t functioning properly, as well as when to call your trusted plumber in Chula Vista, CA for help.  Limescale Is Building Up It’s common knowledge that California has hard water. The thing is,…

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broken sewer line San Diego, CA

Why You Need A Sewer Camera Inspection Before Buying A House

When considering the purchase of a new home, there are many essential factors to assess, from the location to the structure’s condition. Among these considerations, the state of the plumbing system often takes a back seat. Trenchless pipe lining in San Diego, CA, can save you from potential headaches in the long run by fixing…

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new tankless water heater

Is It Time To Upgrade To A Tankless Water Heater?

Homeowners know that having a reliable source of hot water is essential. However, with the ever-increasing energy costs, you might wonder if it’s time to switch to a tankless water heater. It’s essential to consult with a qualified plumber in Chula Vista, CA, who can provide you with expert guidance. Why Consider Tankless Water Heaters?…

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Perry Plumbing and Pipe Lining Company San Diego, CA

Why Trenchless Pipe Lining Works For Commercial Property

Every commercial property, from a shopping mall to an office building, requires some level of quiet and stability. A noisy construction project is distracting and inconvenient for most professionals. This is why trenchless pipe lining in San Diego, CA is the preferred method. A trenchless sewer repair is one of the most recommended and least…

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bathroom construction in San Diego, CA

Things to Consider When Designing Your Own Bathroom

Designing your own bathroom can be a fun and rewarding task. You get to decide on all the elements that will make the space feel like your own, including the fixtures, fittings, flooring, and wall coverings. Any professional plumber in San Diego, CA, will tell you that having the right combination of these elements can…

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collapsed pipe San Diego, CA

When is Trenchless Pipe Lining Not an Ideal Solution?

Our technicians at Perry Plumbing and Pipelining specialize in trenchless pipe lining, an innovative method used to repair and restore old, damaged, or clogged drains without the need for extensive digging. But while this technique is more efficient and eco-friendly than traditional excavation, and we’d like every pipe issue to be resolved without much disruption…

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high-pressure water coming from tap Chula Vista, CA

Why High Water Pressure is Harmful to Your Plumbing

There are many things to be cautious about when it comes to your plumbing system. For one, clogs and blockages can cause serious issues with the pipes. But one of the most underrated problems is high water pressure. Many homeowners don’t realize this is also a notorious reason for needing assistance from a professional plumber…

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Steps to Nu Flow™ Pipelining


1. Identify the problem

A camera is used to identify where the clog is.


2. Clean the pipes

The first step is to clean out all roots by jetting the lines or using pneumatic tools.


3. Install the liner

Epoxy is poured into a liner that is pulled in place and then inflated to rebuild the pipe’s structure.


4. Inspect

A camera is used to make sure the pipe has been fixed.

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