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Trenchless pipe lining affords homeowners and businesses the opportunity to repair pipes without the hassle and expense of traditional excavation and open-cut methods. Our experts at Perry Plumbing and Pipelining share some sewer line issues that pipe lining can resolve.


Pipes can corrode due to age, environmental factors, or material fatigue. This makes them more prone to leaks and breaks. Trenchless sewer repair uses a resin-impregnated liner inserted into the pipe to create a durable new inner wall, protecting it from further damage. Note, however, that this counts extremely corroded lines out of the equation, as they will not be structurally sound to support the liner.

Cracked Pipes

Epoxy pipe lining creates a seamless inner pipe wall that seals off any cracks and reinforces weak spots in the existing pipe. This restores proper flow and reduces the risk of water damage or other issues due to pipe failure.

Root Intrusions

Roots from nearby trees can work their way into sewer lines through tiny cracks and joints and cause major blockages. Our technicians use hydro jetting to remove roots from pipes and prepare them for lining. Once the intrusion has been addressed, trenchless pipe lining in Chula Vista, CA can be used to create a new interior that’s resistant to root infiltration.

Perry Plumbing and Pipelining offers comprehensive sewer line repair services that take advantage of the latest advancements in trenchless technology. We’ll get your sewer lines back up and running with minimal disruption to your property. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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