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Every home develops plumbing issues at some point. When these issues arise, it can be difficult to determine the source of the problem and which repairs need to be made. It is important to recognize the symptoms of a damaged plumbing system to take immediate action before further damage occurs.

Below are the top symptoms that your plumbing system is damaged and you need to call a plumber in San Diego, CA.

Clogged Drains

One of the most common–and obvious–indicators that there is an issue with your plumbing system is clogged drains. Clogs can form when hair, food particles, grease, or other objects become lodged in pipes and prevent water from flowing properly, and, therefore, need to be cleared. Ignore them for too long and they could develop into issues that require emergency plumbing procedures.

Odd Noises

Another symptom that you need plumbing repairs is strange noises coming from the pipes and faucets. In some cases, these odd noises are caused by air being trapped in the system; however, they can also indicate serious issues like corroded pipes that need to be professionally addressed as soon as possible.

Leaking Fixtures and Pipes

Leaking water around fixtures, such as toilets and faucets, is another common symptom of a damaged plumbing system. They can be indicative of a variety of issues, from corroded pipes to loose fittings and valves. You should call your trusted plumbing company promptly to reduce the risk of further damage caused by prolonged water exposure.

Ignoring these symptoms can result in costly damage that could have been avoided if addressed early on. If you notice any of these signs of a damaged plumbing system in your house or business, it is important to contact a professional plumber immediately for further assessment and repairs. Reach out to us today at Perry Plumbing to schedule an appointment!

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