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The importance of regular plumbing maintenance can’t be overstated. But as important as it is, you also need to be wary of being overzealous with maintenance routines and committing mistakes that could end up doing more harm than good. In our many years as the go-to plumber in San Diego CA, we have come to the aid of countless homeowners to help them rectify plumbing maintenance errors.

Here’s a look at the most common plumbing maintenance mistakes you need to avoid:

Wrapping Drainage Thread Backwards

Many DIYers commit the error of wrapping the plumbing tape in the wrong direction during plumbing repairs. Instead of covering the tape in a clockwise direction, you might have found yourself surrounding it in the other order. Warning: Wrapping tape around the water system backward might make it come off quickly and lead to clogs in the pipes.

Using Unsuitable Tools

Plumbing fixtures require the skilled hands of a professional as well as specialized tools. Make sure you use the right tools to conduct the necessary maintenance procedures. Using the wrong tools may lead to even more damage. Hiring a plumbing company for any necessary repairs means your system gets serviced by experts who are aptly equipped with the right tools.

Overusing Drain Cleaners

Chemical drain cleaners are oftentimes the go-to solution for clogged drains. But just because others are using it doesn’t mean you should too. The fact is, over-the-counter cleaners are made of harsh chemicals. Use them too much and your pipes will show signs of wear and tear sooner rather than later. For the sake of your plumbing, avoid these at all costs.

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