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A troublesome plumbing system is a costly headache to deal with. This is precisely why it’s of utmost importance to set aside the time and exert the effort for maintenance and keep complex plumbing issues at bay right from the start. In our many years of providing top-quality trenchless pipe lining in San Diego CA, we always stress to clients that by keeping their drains clog-free, they effectively prevent complex plumbing issues from springing up.

Here, we take a close look at the benefits of maintaining clog-free drains.

Improved Water Flow

Unblocked drains tend to save a lot of water because it doesn’t get slowed down or diverted into unwanted areas the way clogged ones do. Water wastage increases bills due to less use by appliances and other equipment within your home or yard. Clear pipes will lead to better overall water system efficiency and you won’t have to worry about pipe damage that may require trenchless pipe replacement or repair procedures.

Foul Odor Prevention

Failing to keep drains clear can lead to the formation of disease-causing bacteria. On top of that, it can also cause foul odors to permeate your home. By preventing clogged drains through regular drain cleaning, you can effectively eliminate mold and bacteria formation.

Damage Prevention

Drain clogs are often precursors to major plumbing issues. Various plumbing problems such as pipe corrosion or sewer backups. Should these issues escalate, you may need to have trenchless sewer repair procedures. You can prevent this by taking a proactive approach and keeping drains clog-free.

Keeping your drains clog-free is the first step to a healthy plumbing system. For all your plumbing maintenance and repair needs, turn to Perry Plumbing. We offer premium services such as epoxy pipe lining and drain cleaning. Contact us today for foolproof plumbing solutions!

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